Laundromat Bearing Repair Services

Is your machine making unusual noises during its normal function? Finding oil stains on washed clothes? Is the washer pulling up, or the foundation bolts becoming loose?

These are immediate telltale sign of a Bearing, and/or Bearing Seal going bad. This is actually a common issue. Especially with commercial laundromat machines. Its primarily caused by normal wear and tear over a long period of time.

You want to make sure you get your bearings repaired by a professional, with years of experience.

     With un-experienced workers "practicing" on your machines, different issues can arise. For example, if the bearing seal isn't installed properly, it can cause the bearings to fail again within a short amount of time. Also this can cause further vibrations that can damage other components of the machine.

Direct Laundry System utilizes only the most experienced hands for your machines. Each of our service members have at least 10 years experience on their belt, in any Commercial Laundromat Repair or Maintenance service. They are 100% committed to making You happy, and satisfied with service you can trust.


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